The whole story

The aura and consciousness have existed from the beginning. Then, life begins.

010 P R O L O G U E:
In the next 20 to 30 years the world will change. Not great powers or rogue nations are ruling the stage of malevolence, but the world tries to survive.

It’s the year 2036. Earth’s climate is irreversibly broken. Former tropical regions face snowstorms, zones of vegetation are shifting. Also in central europe the change of climate can’t be ignored. It has become cold, because the gulf stream, which usually transports warm water to europes western coast, has significantly weakened:

A result of the gigantic fresh water supply from the melting glaciers.
Meanwhile, the sea level has increased, on average, by nearly one meter and the world is in crisis.

In the meantime the last active space organisation A.U.S.A. (Association of United Space Agencies) united the world to one goal,
to finally search for a new, fresh habitat for mankind. This corresponds well to the human nature, to find a new place to exist, when the former is worn out and uninhabitable. And it’s about time.

1.5 billion people died between 1980 and 2035 because of weather catastrophies like flooding of complete areas, but also from illnesses like aids, until again something “worthy” was coming out of germany. A cure.

In the meantime, far more people have died of the forces of solar radiation and the following skin cancer. Earth poles quantity of Ice left only 5 % of the originally amount. Most low-lying landscapes vanished into the increasing sea waters. It is raining constantly and over all world.

After the A.U.S.A. started building the mother-ship in the upcoming 2020th years for this StarTracks-Mission, they established the following plan:

A small crew will be sent to the mothership in low earth orbit, which will be built during the following 10 years, at 31. August 2036.

In thanks to Walter Hohmann who, as a “simple technical Engineer”, using basic math and physics, calculated the principles of the planetary orbits, relations between payloads and fuel contingents and the orbital and escape velocities, we were able to plan the return to earth, in the unlikely case of a smooth course of the event. The return to earth shall happen at 17. June in 2040.

The ship was baptized on 19.10.2027 in a celebration that was
broadcast world wide. She is the very first Enterprise in space!

It is registered under the number CVX 01.

It was designed for a 4 year mission and has the task to bring a 6 person crew of astronauts to the edge of our planetary system.

Their technique and equipment has been designed to withstand the adversities of space as long as necessary to bring this crew back to Earth safely.

The following stages are planned:
Earth – Sun – Mercury – Venus – Mars – Asteroid Belt – Jupiter – Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – Pluto – Earth. Aproach each, experience, collect data, leave with more knowledge. Everything suitable to serve continuation of mankind is important.

The assignment is:
Find and collect every possibilty for survival strategies for mankind and in the ideal case, to the survival of planet earth. For this, every happenings, powers, characteristics, minerals, terraforming or any options coming up during the travel, have to be documented.

020 Chapter 1: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (Ori Star Trek Theme)
Talking to the missions log first time, the expression in his voice became sort of glancy: We write the year 2036. Because this time it is true and real, leaving for a real star-travel, we take an old earth-melody, to come into the right mood… Captain Benjamin Stinner loved this ancient melody, which long time ago opened a TV-scifi-series with the characterizing title “Star Trek”.

Therefore he was acting like speaking this appending speach to his crew. Of course he knew, there was no second chance for making a first impression. Indeed this was nonsence. After all they knew each other since 4 years and where through training and studying together.

But only this time, one time at all he would go together with his crew
on this journey and he wanted to show by his appearance, how serious this was. Something unique, something very special: “So, our mission is to go to every planet and pluto, the planetoid in beneath 4 years and make geologic, chemical, physical experiments and also human perception, to turn this all into data, to collect it and to take biological tests and – something at the heart – coming home safely”.

Espacially curious I am about seeing the rings of saturn right in front of me, but also about the reaction of the animals within the tests…

2 hours later…

He just was busy, proofing the functions of the controls because nothing is more horrible than a failure in a main function of this 4years-travellers, while the controls intend to show that everything is correct…

030 Chapter 2: “The Launch”
Cptn. Stinner had just become 36 years of age and looked athleticly with his 185 cm and 99 kg live weight. In the eyes of the most crewmembers he was meant for a funny guy to whom one can confide. To the male colleagues he was a great astronom and cybernautic. Nobody on board would question his leading role or leading quality.

He was the kind of doer, no task too risky, always seeking new challenges. That he also was – in the inside – a man, who could not resist any female attraction, or wanted to resist, he did not show too much. Those kind of thoughts he strongly kept with a quantum disciplin inside.

The engines of the rocket ignited in time. The thrust felt hard and ruthlessly!
“I`m such a silly asshole, that I engaged to this foolish undertaking. At home I would have been in a save engagemant to the astro institution , working with robots but what do I do? Throw my life away in space!”

Now 4g’s hurts my body, stomach’s ailing wild and coming ever back to earth is very unlikely. Sure I will suffocate in space – at least an amazing view – or crash on a planets surface and burst into pieces. And this all – be honest Benjamin – all because of the pretty backpart of Steele.

Yes, that is what I just do! My god why? Only because of the pretty backpart of Steele…”

040 Chapter 3: “Mother Earth I”
Ben Stinner looks out of the window and it’s different to the education- or testflights. This time he managed it. This time it is “not everything at a horizon to come!” Now the aim is reached. He does not only belong to the first “deepspace crew”, he’s been ordered to lead it. Clear, no crew would accept this kind of thoughts of mightiness, if spoken out loud. But he is not this stupid. He is more interested doing everything in his might, to give everyone of his crew the same help and confidence. Helping them to do their work the best. For this – only in the worst cases – he has to be mighty.

Myra Steele managed to keep conciousness by taking big effort and now is lookin directly down to earth. Watching this breathtaking view she suddenly understands the very being of mother earth. Gaia. From the very beginning “she’s” there and offers shelter, existence and diversity. It’s little alike earth cares for the brave crew and asks for them coming back.

About the appearing earth in the small observation-window Ben says: ” My god, what a great view!” He’s taken by earth’s beauty and at the same time feels a fear to leave it now. It is kind of like earth is calling: “Dont’t leave!” Thoughts are running across. The raids through our near forests, the afternoons down by the lake, where he spent bright hours in freedom and carelessness. That is it, what life’s about. This “beeing happy and beeing at the goal”. The aim is to come home. But to reach this he first must leave.

Well comrades, let’s go for an adventure!

050-060-070 Chapter 4: (The Inner Circles)

050 “The Sun”
With every week in which we are nearer to the sun, it’s view is again more astonishing and more unbelievable as before. Now it’s majestaticly and beautiful and dangerous. The scientist Gerd O. Hannson (from sweden) follows his thoughts: “If anything would effect the course now they would be lost. They would be burned off before touching the corona. Not even emergency calls could escape it’s gravitation… Now, although ’cause of the light-filters they could watch the sun unhindered.”

Shortly after leaving earth’s gravitation field, Carl Denoir (from france) had already equiped all 48 outside windows of the enterprise, with appropriate light- and wavefilters. A work, which surely was to his pay, for he’s kind of self oriented, that he might be enjoying no need of exhausting conversation to someone else…
“In section 37 there was blinking the controlpanel of keeping the space-suits”, he reported immediately to commander myra steele.

With a sort of a “dry joke” she answered him, without transgressing the professional distance: “Then you had -despite of the lonelyness- an exciting conversation!” After all she caused him a smile. He liked her.

060 “Mercury”
Mercury was the next goal. The rover with the number 0010 shall be taken to the surface for getting probes off the ground to analyse, just like curiousity did lately.

But this time it was matchless more risky for the device, because of the temperature fluctuations between 90 to 700 kelvin (-183 to +426 degree celsius), which not would be to withstand again during the whole journey. Admittedly it wasn’t yet clear, if the lower temperatures at the edge of the planets system (Pluto down to -241°C) was not more dangerous, leastways for the functionality of the equipment and therefore logically for the surviving of the crew…

Steele and Stinner are sitting in the observationlounge and conjecture about nature and legends of mercury.

Stinner: “Do you think, it’s a myth?”
Steele: “Now, I believe in science!”
Stinner: “But I don’t understand these interactions.
What really makes this dynamo-effect work?”
Steele: As long as we don´t have more knowledge about it,
we only can say this: “It’s not a golf ball!”

The scientist Hanssen explains this world, which has an especially great importance for science: Mercury holds all elements of life and is – as it were – considered as the intitial matrix for the creation of life.

Wiehler (Germany) and Dworak (Russia) feel for each other and it’s more than sympathy. Thinking about a future together for the unlikely case of surviving this planet-mission.

It comes to a meeting in the hold, where the space-suits are. They are alone there and the task is to program an observationsequence to the boardcomputer to the mercury-scanning and espacially to make the physically measuring save. Physically measurable between them both this time are also some biologically caused actions…

The DPS (DataProcessingSystem) “Data-Base” reports strong magnetic fields. No wonder, because of mercuries huge iron-core. Only the probable effects to the sensitive space-equipment, has not really been considered. During the approach-procedure the control-electronics are attacked massivly and influenced badly. For a moment it seems, the mission has failed already in the beginning! Suddenly the systems are already offline and off! The enterprise is drifting driveless and loss of energy for endless seconds in mercury-orbit!

Fortunately the central processor and the environment are recovering. After a moment of confusion caused by this magnetic disturbances and a kind of shockstiff for the crewmembers, the systems are going to be restored again and the fear has overcome.

065 “Magnets”
By reason of the unexpected happenings comes up a dialogue between the captain and mission control, which is possible only because of the still short distance. After reaching the asteroids, latestly from jupiter onwards such “direct correspondings” will not be possible anymore, because conversation via radio will take too long time.

070 “Venus”
Planet venus will do justice to it’s reputation of beeing “the goddess of love”.. Wiehler – under the influence of the last adventure – is deeply moved, thinks about Dworak and the experienced. What, if all would really come home savely after this? Would Dworak turn away from her carelessly? Would she be guilty at least herself beeing hurt?

080 “On Board”
First outside mission was coming. Simultanously it was one of the most dangerous ones, because it had to be a manned landing. In between 26 earth days, they had to bring down the “eagle II”. On board Cptn. Stinner, Cmdr. Steele and Jerry alone. A.U.S.A. didn’t want to risk both mouses lives.

It is wanted to get insides about the amount of water on mars within the deepest drilling so far. Due to this the crew has to investigate the impact of mars athmosphere to one of the mice.

Additionally the former landing platform for the “sojourner rover of 1997” near the centre of ares vallis shall finally be wearing officially it’s often used name: “Carl Sagan Memorial Station”. Carl Sagan was the guy, who completed the most famous probe of human mankind “voyager” with information about our species. It is on it’s way since over 60 years, was leaving our solar system in 2012 and it still delivers news from the interstellar space! In fact it is 15 times older than its prognosticated lifespan!

090 Chapter 5: “Mars” (The red planet)

During the landingprocess of the “eagle II ” the radio contact suddenly ends. I cannot hear anything. A dull silence swallows every noise. Power supply went down to livesaving low level. Automatic controls stopped working! The captain is stearing the landing shuttle with his own hands! The landing procedere must succeed!

Here and now I don’t have the time for dreaming. We’re in a big danger. The landing ferry is sinking too fast, the breaking motors fail! Emergency power for emergency ignition! Thousand routines run within seconds passing by.

Nervousness? No. Fear? No. Concentration? Yes.
Nevertheless, the engine has a failure. It will be a rough landing. It seems we’re going to crash down!

This also shall be the first outside mission, which fails?
But the captain brings the ferry down manually, under highest concentration with smooth and precisly stearing. Just so… and without any damage!


The feeling, standing on mars is unreal like a movie-picture. If the ground will carry me? I’m the very first man here. How many have been dreaming about this, beeing the first?

Next to collecting of samples, the mouse-experiment and at least the deepest drilling for water it is a more or less publicity oriented task, to find Carl Sagan Memorial Station and to fix an especially for this made plaque. It shows the words: “Carl Sagan Memorial Station” and a replique of the “Voyager Golden Record” as a symbol for pfrofessor Sagans open attitude to extraterristic intelligence.

For this there must bust a plattform into the rock. The dose of explosive material was calculated under the athmospheric constitutions on earth, but we are located on mars this time…

100 Chapter 6: “Asteroids” (Passage Asteroid Belt)
At the asteroid belt there were again spectacular sights and also big moments of excitement, because a collision with one of these debris was the last we really would need. But we have Konrad Dworak, the best living A.U.S.A.-astronaut. Education at the air force, astronautics, rocket technology, fuels and in front of all he is heaven mechanics, which hopefully will save us.

110 Chapter 7: “Jupiter” (Passing flight from the birds view)

A planet, a world, which size no one can imagine. Just as little as its variety. In addition to the almost seemingly endless expanse – Alaska 150.000 times – there exists this unbelievable big aura!

Neither landing nor diving into the giant gas is possible. At least a close fly by is on schedule. To escape the gravitation is possible yet only because of the strong hydrogen drive. The real problem, however, is maneuvering the air braking properly. The contact to mission control can’t help to this short term decisions anymore. Until one answer to a question comes back there are two times 34 minutes gone.

The nearer we come to this giant, the more crazy go our thoughts. The different climate- and eveloping-zones of the planet suggested a variety of strange creatures and companies. Suddenly and unexpected they all were in a place with life in most different forms and characters.

Dworak just wanted to calculate the course a third time, to adjust subleties of the air breaking process, then suddenly he had the idea of giving a big party. He fell into the “aura of jupiter” and finds himself on a promenade deck, on which he is the host himself. Just like everyone else, he is free to observe how locals and strangers meet and interact. At the same time there is always a strange music running. It seems, on the first hearing, that it is of earthly origin. And the “interacting of the strangers” could alternative be called “they’re flirting”.

Perhaps we are not the first ones who have reached jupiter?

Dworak already forgot what he intetionally was going to do. But the ship was on course, the fly-by should function also with only two calculations. Everybody should come and dance with him an drink wine. He now was jupiter! God. Indeed Denoir an Wiehler started paying homage to him.

During the captain and commander Steele still had their doubts, if everything was ok with him, engineer Carl Denoir and doctor Liz Wiehler got into a kind of wobbling, which made them call Dworak “jupiter” and lay gifts down to his feet. Soberly considered, what at that time only the present scientist Gert Oliver Hanssen and the captain from the shuttle were able to do so, the situation became precarious!

There was a grotesque scene, only Hanssen thinking how to rid the entire crew of this trance. He approached it scientifically, quoting himself the roman mythology in the hope of finding some useful clue. He tried it with acoustic charms. Let earthly music run, but found only a folder of old-earth jazz music, and put it in the hopes of penetrating into the minds and thoughts, and something native to be able to convey a message. How could he bring his comrades back to reality? Are we lost? Captured in a crazy dream! Must we die now?

120 (Zwischen den Riesen Jupiter and Saturn )
Mission Control notes that Jupiter has been a great potential threat and that only great luck has enabled the continuation of the entire mission.
Mission Control also notes that the spiritual confusion of crewmembers must arise through an unknown force of the planets. A mental influence on the crew. It seems the larger the planet, the more powerful is the mental power: “Saturn, the pure beauty!” During the weeks in which Saturn slowly grew, our jaw fell more down from being seized by this unique beauty. I bet all strange species from all the other galaxies would envy us humans about this gem in our front yard.

130 Chapter 8 “Saturn”
Cptns Log: “What are the planets doing to us? We’ve just noticed that something is happening to us out here! It’s like the planets are driving us crazy.”

And it’s happening again! Hansson freaks out and wants to change the plan. He absolutely wants to land. Where has his mind been gone? His scientific distance? Will he sacrifice himself for a little moment of triumph? To enter the story with the doubtful fame of the first astronaut who has dared to touch Saturn? Similar to thousands of fishermen who fell victim to Loreley …

“I have a strange display on our motion monitor.” Please come to the command center, it’s as if Hannsen tried to misuse the dive boat for Uranaus on Saturn. “But Stinner and Dworak are hooked into their control unit and can not return so quickly …

While Commander Steele tries to reach Hanssen by radio, to convince him of giving up, he announces a little later: “I will be there, no one can stop me, please, for God’s sake, let me touch your surface, I hope I experience it before I faint before I lose my mind. ”

Hanssen suddenly has entered the “yellow submarine”, has already released the docking brackets and floats parallel to the enterprise. In the meantime Stinner and Dworak are trying to bring Denoir to him, but with a space-suit an with a rope. Now Denoir floats himself in between the rocks, which all are parts of saturns rings, trying to get hold of Hanssen. It is very dangerous to lose him!

An unprecedented rescue operation begins in the middle of the saturnrings. Carl Denoir succeeds in grabbing Hannsen with one of the gauges on the belt and lead his direction of movement to the shuttle, while Dworak secures the shuttle forestage and operates the air lock. Suddenly, a wide outcropping boulder of the size of a soccer ball beats at about 2000 km/h through the body of Carl Denoir! No chance to do anything for him, never mind reach him at all. All can only stand idly, as he is fatally beaten and dies. The force has thrown him out into the universe and placed between the remaining debris and rock fragments of the 2nd Saturnring. There he now floats as if he were a part of them …

He has just saved the scientist Gert Oliver Hansson from his death and has lost his life. It all went so fast and seems so unreal, but it was not.

140 (Funeral For A Friend)
Because it is impossible to retrieve the corpse out of the rubble in the saturns ring, the Captain records the time and circumstances of his death in the log. Condolence greetings from Mission Control reach the Enterprise. After a small speech follows a memorial and silence minute for the crew. A comrade must be left behind in space.

150 Chapter 9 (Uranus)
“Yellow is online”, it came out of the headphone. Pilot Konrad Dworak was just checking out the controls. After that, he still had 20 minutes to find himself, before it would inevitably start. Once again it could be the last time. Once again he thought he had grown used to it. A fallacy.

But he trusted the Yellow Submarine, whom they called after an ancient song, although the makers of this song had still sung from an underwater boat, and not from a undermethan boat. It had already exerted more pressure during the tests, than even the most unfavorable calculations could occur. The absorption of various hydrogens, deuterium, and other compounds also proceeded very positively. Should the machine fail in the Uranus upper layer, he had no problem anyway because he knew each screw with name and had practically all the parts, pieces and tools on board. The dive should take place instead of a landing, take about 1 hour and clarify how the molten rock reacts with the hydrogen or does not react. The methane atmosphere did not permit such a detailed data collection from earth.

160 Die Aura
He felt something and was aware of it, unlike it was in near of Jupiter. He realized that the flight to Uranus had been successful and that no strange events had happened. The aura of Uranus was definitely not to be compared with that of Jupiter. He had managed to stay in his mind, even though he had to admit himself, that the flight with the yellow submarine had been more fun than was permitted under the “traffic rules for astronauts”. One could freely go on, the 0,8 per thousand limit was definitivly reached, but the flight succeeded.

170 Chapter 10 (Neptune)
The other crew members do not really know how they are, just as it was at Jupiter. Although the tasks are done routinely and everything seems to be going according to plan, feelings of indescribable nature, as well as tiny memory gaps, interfere with the process. It is more an unconscious process, the inner voice, which speaks to one or the other astronaut, warns him: “Where are you really?” In the next moment the doubt about the correctness of the expiration is gone, and the work goes well from the hand. No special occurrences … Nobody could look from outside like an uninvolved person on themselves and recognize the true situation!

But the captain feels something. His inner voice, which is markedly more pronounced by a lot of mental training, than by the average people, causes him to consciously initiate a change in his actions. He succeeds, for the first time since the landing on Mars, to consciously perceive the aura of the planets and, with pure willpower, to maintain concentration on the real environment. From now on, Stinner does not want to fall back on the aura and instead will focus himself on the slightest signs. He makes a decision … I write new lines!

175: The last destination.
The last limit is reached, Pluto. It is not a planet, is he? An approach is possible in any case. The temporal constellation is now favorable, which is why the mission had already been set to this date before the beginning of the 2020s. Nevertheless the execution proceeds without problems. But is this approach useful? Well, the facts are: Pluto was captured as a trojan and encircles our sun eliptically. It is cold. It is small. It is dead.

The Captain notes in the logbook that the crew is clear again. He is glad to have survived this threat and looks forward to the planet, which before its discovery was designated as “Planet X”. One had, however, always emanated from a much larger and more massive planet. The disappointment about this little cold dwarf then probably led to call it Pluto. A name, such as “Deep Space Nine”, which at the same time includes a location and number determination, would seem actually more appropriate to him and to the crew. Also Sam Cotton at Mission Control suddenly spoke the same name…

180 Chapter 11 (Pluto)
The goal is reached. Before the measurements start, the true facts to Pluto come from the DPS (DataProcessingSystem). It sounds kind of different! Commander Myra Steele wonders if the DPS has now discovered independent thinking for itself? She becomes aware of the fact that this point of the trip is the most distantpoint from home. She never has been so far away from home and she would never be again! The feeling is so clear and real that it is almost scary.

Is it the consciousness or is it a true feeling to be in a really dead area? Here is nothing. No, even less, here is nothing! It feels cold and threatening. As if you had gone too far out … For the first time Myra feels the absence of a well-known feeling. The aura is gone!

In the investigation of Pluto it is noticeable that the work processes, the impressions of the crew members, the results, the emotions, everything seems to be realistic. In contrast to the experiences on Saturn or Jupiter. Also Uranus and Neptune, were perceived as unreal. Like in a dream.

Here, however, Myra Steele feels herself again and recognizes by the view in the mirror that she must have been away for a long time, almost for the entire journey. This voice, which was always in her head, seems to remain from somewhere. Something is out there …. now you would have to travel further to get to know!

But the journey home has to begin!

190 Chapter 12 (Long Journey Home)
From Pluto, the first half of the trip was over and the journey home began. The second part of the voyage began, but should – if it went according to plan – clearly differ from the first.
The main task was to keep healthy and to prepare themselves increasingly for the return to earth gravitation, and to deal mentally again with earthly things in order to prevent a disorientation or a great mental change.
Among the many tasks was to complete the documentation, to make further research results for mankind, boards everyday, games, sports, entertainment, technical service and a bit of thinking again about the entire journey. The following came to light: (The moral of the story):
In a hitherto unexplained way, our planets block themselves from admitting any scientific knowledge. The farther away from the earth you are, the bigger secrets are the planets.

Therefore, a mental barrier is created by the previously unknown mental power of the planets against the scientists aboard the Enterprise, which leads to dreams and hallucinations. Since this is a collective trauma, the crew can not recognize it. That means, all together are immersed in an experience world and are firmly convinced to collect real results.
But these sensed experiences do have reality in this state! Dangers lead to accidents, accidents to injuries; Successes lead to records and also to feelings of happiness, as well as subsequent board celebrations, causes provably demonstrable also one or the other hangover, which feels very hard.

It is only until the end of the journey, when they get back into the narrower, earthly gravitational field (between Mars and the Moon) that they find inconsistencies in the logbook records. The scientific results data also reveal serious deficiencies and do not correspond in any way to the mission. It is almost as if they had passed the planet at best, but they were neither in orbit nor ever landed there. In the end, they even find concrete evidence that there has been no landing. Apart from the Marslanding, since this is half-cultivated anyway.

After the crew has overcame mutual blame assignments in long discussions, it is just now possible to discipline themselves. Together on board all are now researching for reality. Among other things, the logbook data that was recorded on the external missions are compared with the actual state of the equipment which was used outside. All dirt and traces of use results definitely from inside the Enterprise and were caused by the equipment on board. The dust and stone traces on the space suits are derived from the stones and the sand collected by the probe and the external robot. The oxygen supply had been consumed, suggesting that the suits were worn on board.

The top common room, which only serves as a rescue capsule with low-sleeping stasis units, as well as a smaller control unit with automatic course correction, proves itself in the course of the investigations as the place of all events. The planets have done a lot of work and have set up a small stage for a bizzarre astronaut show. The crew members did not know what they were doing. There were battles of two jealousies, a delle in the wall of a golf ball (through whose profile one could conclude that it was from a golf ball), as well as sand, stones and gas samples from eight planets circulating around a small, insignificant sun, which is located in the alpha quadrant of the so-called “Milchstrasse” and is called “sol” by Perry Rhodan. From a small insignificant breed, which call themselves humans …

The planets have closed their aura.

That it was a collective dream and that it was generated by the planets themselves as an empathic bubble, becomes clear only after more detailed evaluations and calculation simulations. In the very moment the Enterprise has landed on Earth is clear: the space ship has actually made the journey, all machines on board have fulfilled their scientific tasks. The crew worked very well in this respect. But no one – apart from the planet Mars – has even set one foot on one of our planets.



O U T T A K E S :

200 Chapter 13 (The Journey Home) correspondingly LJH something else to rhyme to…

Return to earth.

As different as Earth has been, compared to the other planets at the beginning of our journey, as alike it seems to be now to them all. Even on Earth we face unexpected perils and every day, every moment can be our very last

Such as like “2010 TK7”!

Before, we still got fuel from the second supplie container. The food was also stored there 10 years ago, when the stuff was not so durable. The half we had to throw away. After all, the new water generator works and that was time.

The only thing that remained different was, that Mother Earth was currently a mother of life.

“2010 TK7” is the catalog number of the Trojan, with a diameter of about 300 meters crosses our course at the entrance into earth orbit! This danger leads to a somewhat delicate situation at the end of this long mission …
Did not found god, but I still believe!

Approaching earth was again an indescribable picture, and this time earth looked as familiar as home, but at the same time as strange as another planet to be explored. Again Myra Steele thought to be Mother Earth and sang her song …

The crew, however, could no longer restrain the joy of the return and the need to sing out loud the collected experiences.

Wiehler and Dworak look back on the mission that began on earth at the space center, the trainings, the successes and the mistakes that were made. Were started as crewmembers and come back as a couple. Enjoy about the success of the mission and look forward to a shared future.

In the end, the question remains: “When does the next journey begin and how will the space ship be called?”