Peter Blinne, everything invented, conceived, recorded, texted, sung. Composition, Text, Drum Programming, Keys Programming, Mostly all Backing Voices, Savier and the dying astronaut engineer at Saturn … Inspired by science fiction, especially StarTrek.

As work on this work spans more than a decade, there are a considerable number of people, friends and acquaintances, who have dealt with my crazy ideas and got involved with their own ideas and work and commitment. Everyone with the special talents given to them.

Without the help of these friends and girlfriends it would never have been finished, and certainly not so good! A few of these friendships have been created through the collaboration and are sure to continue beyond this album.

Musician and producer:
Winus Rilinger for the professional side of the whole, arrangements, sequencers, space sounds, computer voice “DPS”, gave the songs the second touch after Uli B’s first fine tuning. Production, Mix, Master etc. too much to enumerate. Pluto Riff contributed, synth-solo in Saturn, and, and, and ..

Winus Rilinger, who helps me as a longtime friend and fellow musician with the things that I’m not good at. For example, Mix, master, select sequencers and sounds, develop dramaturgical ideas and at the same time realize them. Making song arrangements more effective.

I thank you for your commitment, do not take that for granted and look forward to the next album, what we want to do together from the beginning … Something about my music has to be good, that someone like you, who has already been successfully for so long time, is so busy with it…

Ulrich Antonius Beutgen:
All the “BackNBlue” collaboration … blowers, roughmixes, keyparts everywhere, pre mixes “Where No Man…”, The Launch, The Sun, Mercury: Organ in Mercury – the all-in-one in arrangements, timing, sounds, synthis, etc. Uranus_organ and marimba, Jupiter organ solo, The Sun synthisound for solo, Long Journey Home. Piano parts e.g. Mother Earth, The Sun. He made the sound of the machine. (He can hear the inertial dampers ..)

Uwe Faoro: Captain Benjamin Stinner singing and speaking in Where No Man …, The Launch, Mother Earth I, Mercury, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Funeral For A Friend, Neptune, The Final Frontier, The Point Of Return , The Long Journey Home and Mother Earth II.

André Massoli:
Singing in: The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, supporting roles in Jupiter, Mother Earth 2, etc. Creativity. And even as a “smooth-guy” who with his critical ear for crooked tones (mostly in my pilot song) has thwarted the one or other little misfortune … Could as a drummer, also to drum programming contribute good tips and corrections …

Volker Sauer:
Vocal in Jupiter, Uranus, Flute in Mother E1 & 2, The pilots voice, “He” in Mercury, flute in Mother Earth, Venus, Mars.

Melanie Hött (Mrs. Granger):
Angelic voices and solo singing in Mother Earth Part 1 and 2, Pluto, Jupiter.

Tina Nölle:
Doctor Elisabeth Wiehler and “She” in Mercury and Venus, Maenad in Jupiter.

Gynna Zemla:
Communication Officer (CapCom) of the A.U.S.A at mission control: “The voice of Star Tracks”.

Ingo Stuhldreier:
Piano in Uranus, the critical ear and the good old friend.

Wolfgang Deuchert and Werner Büscher:
There were 2 more captains before this role was finally given to Uwe. My special thanks go to both of you for the first attempts and the completed shots, which showed me “where the journey must go” … Werner sang almost all parts of the captain and spoke before this role was late, but not too late was still awarded to Uwe. I will not forget his very personal, untiring commitment.

Annette Anscheid:
Was the first guest singer ever. From her there was a first version of Venus and through her help a first vision in my mind that guest singers and inside are urgently needed to implement the roles of my astronauts.

T E C H N I C I A N A N D C R E A T I V E S:
Alexander Blinne: correction of the lyrics – and pronunciation. All computer support. I know that I am a nuisance. Planet pictures, textures, title picture. And: Important tipps in so many disciplines that must be mastered on the edge …

Wolfgang Deuchert:
Constant studio support with know-how and material, vocal recording Saturn and his real role as captain in real life. You’re the one who logs on the phone with “bridge” 🙂

Ulrike (Ulli) Jakubowski and Thomas Erdmann:
Photos and artwork from the StarTracks Family Meetings in 2015 and 2016.

Uwe Thiel for the “Making Of”, who does not mind a long way to drive and has given all his video experience.

Thomas Peggau as a music critic, music lover and above all referred to this album as an interview partner who had the most interesting questions to the musicians and co-designers.

Mark Rademaker and Heath Rezabek: Created this wonderful virtual spaceship that we may call “Enterprise.”

Andy (Rübe) Eisenkopf for the loan of the mandolin. A great instrument if you want to imitate this “18th century war drum, cymbals and string …” thing. The mandolin is still here and in good hands.

F A M I ​​L Y:
Beate Frosin:
Although so far without a marriage certificate, she is always there for me and listens, even if progressive rock and fantasy are as strange to her as tractors, cows and meadows to me. She gives me all the freedom I need and encourages me to live my music. I would have been starved to death, thirsty and neglected …

My parents:
Jutta and Hermann Blinne have given me determination and stamina (father), as well as musicality and imagination (mother) …

Heidi Niermann:
Who made me realize how the captain of my spaceship must sound. My little sister who is also my first and still biggest fan. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

My children:
Alexander Blinne
In my children, I recognize the qualities of my parents again. My son Alexander became an active part of the whole in the course of his childhood, youth and even now as a grown-up. It shows that this album has been created over a long period of time, which in his view accounts for more than half of his previous life!

Alex saw through the digital technology as a child and always had the know-how and the solutions to implement my ideas creatively. Without this knowledge, skills and diligence, I would not have had the chance to create something so great. He is not a musician, lyricist or singer. Rather, he is a graphic designer, technician, programmer, designer, developer, craftsman, networker, astronomer, physicist and, and, and … He is an integral part of the entire album!

Sophia Rollenbeck born Blinne,
Thanks for the fact that as a little girl she often had to do without her father playing with her because he plays music. I could not be better and apologize for that. She has endured and overcome what was and is her contribution.

My nephews:
Stefan Pehlke:
First guitar mix + some drum fills (for example in Mars)
Christopher Pehlke:
For the little story about the couple at Heidis bar …

Other friends who have helped indirectly, and have contributed in their own way to further development, have delivered ideas:

Gregor Hübbers:
For a taste of The Launch, Anette Kaschura: for Venus,

Bärbel Blum:
for the text correct still in the ‘0s, for the lines in Uranus.

Helge Küppers:
Did not participate and have absolutely no idea that this album exists at all, but still has an effect:
The Jupiter intro is for Helge because of the “rankangkang-kaschkaschkasch”, Helge, you know! … (but unfortunately it was cut out) – I play it to you in the old version when we meet again …

And here is a long list of friends and girlfriends who accompanied me shortly or long on the musical life and thus have promoted: (At the risk that I forgot someone, he / she may forgive me):
Harald Pehlke, Rainer Eckert, Dirk Thull, Peter Haupt, Michael Kraft, Ingmar Paul, Christian (Timo) Tiebe, Jürgen Wehmeyer, Stefan Schreiner, Dieter Peik, Ulla (Massoli) Klossek and Michael, Rheinhard Most, Roland Merz, Hannes Nau von Fresh, the whole “Hörsaal A” and “Uelhof Clan”.